Finally is live !

With the aim of merging the art and science of our industry, I launched this knowledge exchange site. Its objectives are:

  • Share knowledge I have accumulated over the years and provide a niche audience of owners, operators, F&B lovers and dreamers, a broad perspective in a specialised field, the world of restaurants. The aim is for this content to be useful, usable, and actionable.
  • Turn this into educational content. I say it from experience. Although I was lucky to study in what some consider one of the leading academic institutions in this field, I wish I was taught or given some of this information back then. 
  • Reach the maximum number of owner/operators and potentially contribute in maximising the success ratio of restaurants. 
  • With the contributions of other experts in their fields, help to propel the industry forward.
  • Open an in-depth dialogue and contribute towards a more harmonious way of operating with nature.