Permaculture’s blueprint to a truly sustainable approach, environmentally, socially and financially

Some argue we have a scarcity of resources, others demonstrate the issue is not the amount, rather the management of what is available. We produce enough food globally to feed everyone. The key is working in harmony with nature and its systems rather than against them, along with managing food distribution and waste. We need to look at crops, ingredients, and energy not as resources available for our exploitation but as part of a whole system we need to integrate with. 

When we speak of sustainability, we need to address, social, environmental and economic metrics. A restaurant needs to be financially sustainable while also being socially and environmentally sustainable. Is a win, win, win model achievable? The simple answer is yes. However, there are no quick paths and short cuts to achieve these objectives.

There are many exemplary operators carving the path to such a closed-loop, conscientious and well-considered mode of being. The hope is for this idea to become common practice amongst all.

What I attempt to do in this article is connect the dots between our industry and Permaculture. What we can learn from it and adopt from its principles.