What it takes to design a successful business not only a beautiful space

Designing restaurants is more than designing just spaces. It is about designing businesses that thrive. I often think of restaurants as living organisms. They have to connect with people; need to evolve; go through ups and downs; need constant nurture, attention, and love; and they leave memorable impressions on those they come in contact with. In this Restaurant Design Guide series of articles, I aim to outline the steps needed to ensure you end up with a beautifully designed space that meets its financial targets. While the above is a general framework and points to consider based on my personal experiences, each project is different and each one brings with it its set of unique questions, parameters, and obstacles which makes it a great world to be a part of. 

While design awards are a great recognition and often good for PR, the best design award a restaurant owner can receive is financial success. A well designed restaurant, in my opinion, is one that achieves its financial targets.